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Extracurricular Activities 

As well as attaining a high level of academic excellence, The Grammar School also encourages all students to participate in extracurricular clubs and activities. This helps students gain various life skills such as teamwork and collaboration so they are better prepared to be successful in society when they leave the school and go out into the real world. The Grammar School offers students the possibility to join and participate in a vast range of sports, educational, social and cultural clubs during and after school.  

Sports & Games

  • Basketball 
  • Boxing
  • Futsal 
  • Track & Field
  • Swimming 

The Grammar School offers students of Classes 1-5 the opportunity to be part of its Sports Programmes in 5 different sports. Students who opt to be in the Sports Programmes must first take part in try-outs. Once they are part of the Sports Programme, they spend 8 periods per week during the two first periods of the day, except Wednesdays, training in their respective sports. They are trained by coaches who are specialists in their sport. Students have the opportunity to hone their skills, participate in competitions, matches and seminars relating to their sport.  

All Sports Programme training takes place on school premises except the Basketball Sports Programme which trains at the Keravnos Basketball Club. 

Liverpool International Football Academy Sports Programme.
Coaches: Nektarios Alexandrou, Loizos Louvaris, Nearchos Nearchou, Sophocles Kestoras

Swimming Sports Programme.
Coach: Thomas Tsiopanis

Basketball Sports Programme in Cooperation with Keravnos BC.
Coaches: Kyriacos Pelekanos, Vladimir Zaric

Track and Field Sports Programme in cooperation with GSP:
Coach: Minas Alozides

Tennis Sports Programme in cooperation with Photos Kallias and the Eleon Tennis Academy.
Coach: Photos Kallias


  • Current Affairs Club 
  • English Library Club 
  • Debating and Toastmasters Club 
  • GS Extreme Club 
  • Greek Library Club 
  • Boxing Club 
  • Environment and Science Club  
  • French Club 
  • Maths Club 
  • Microsoft Student Ambassadors Club 
  • World Explorers Club 
  • iGeo Club 
  • Mooting Club 
  • GS Junior Achievement – Young Entrepreneurs Club 

The European Educational Programmes involve various events where Grammar School students have the opportunity to play the role of decision-makers and deal with a broad spectrum of issues. These issues focus on real current problems regarding the environment, the global economy, scientific developments, regional and global political affairs and social issues. Through these programmes, participants have the chance to meet students from other countries and develop useful skills such as research, debating, public-speaking and presentation skills. 

In the 2019-2020 academic year, The Grammar School participated in the Model United Nations Sessions in Hamburg-Germany, Goldberg-Germany, Cambridge-UK, Augsburg-Germany, London School of Economics-UK and Nicosia and the European Youth Parliament in Cyprus. 

The outstanding performance of Grammar School students has helped to create an excellent reputation for our school and Cyprus. In addition to this, some of our previous delegates have been selected as chairpersons for different committees in the above mentioned or forthcoming sessions. 


  • Animal Planet Club 
  • Blood Donation 
  • The GS Red Cross Club 
  • Social Work Club 
  • The GS Pancyprian Anti-Drug Youth Club 
  • Youth PASYKAF Club 
  • Youth Quest Club 
  • Young Volunteers Club 


  • Art Club 
  • Dance Club 
  • Music Club  
  • Greek Theatre Club (Theatrikos Omilos Renos Prentzas) 

Robotics Academy

Robotics involves multi-disciplinary learning which helps students develop 21st century learning skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving. Furthermore, it stimulates motivation and self-esteem consequently preparing students for the future, providing them the skills to become effective decision-makers and problem solvers.   

The Grammar School Robotics Academys objective is to develop a curriculum that emphasises active problem-solving with intelligent technology, where students are able to create and design with the use of engineering and electronic components. Students learn the concept and knowledge of Robotics and Engineering by building and programming robots.  

MOS Examinations

As a Microsoft Office Testing Centre and by following the Microsoft IT Academy e-Learning curriculum, our students have the opportunity to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) examinations. MOS is a globally recognized qualification and the leading IT certificate in the world. More than 1 million MOS exams are taken every year in over 140 countries.   

Students who take the MOS exams will gain the necessary expertise to competently use Microsoft applications, resulting in higher levels of individual performance, confidence, and differentiation. MOS exams build individual distinction and prepare students for competitive employment opportunities. MOS is compatible with the UK International Qualification and can be delivered as an International Certificate Qualification in the students’ UCAS applications. Our School has consecutively had a 100% success rate since the examinations first started,


Mathematics Olympiad

The aim of the Maths Club is to motivate students to enhance their mathematics education to the highest level of their natural abilities. The club provides workshops for all classes designed around non-traditional mathematical topics so as to enhance students’ problem-solving abilities. Some activities may include functional and challenging mathematics, preparation for mathematics competitions such as the Cyprus Mathematics Olympiad, participation in Euromath and other student conferences.