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Friday, 06/05/2022
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Monday, 27/09/2021
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Following a nomination by Microsoft, The Grammar School proudly announces that it is now recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2014-2015.  The Grammar School has now joined an exclusive group of schools across the world which successfully integrates technology with teaching and learning to deliver more personalized education to ...

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Lectures & Speakers

The Grammar School’s philosophy on education not only emphasizes the active involvement of students and teachers, but also parents.  This approach focuses on the need for a holistic approach to education stressing the importance of a student’s health and well being in combination with their academic development.  

As part of practicing this philosophy, both The Grammar School and The Grammar Junior School annually organize a series of lectures focusing on the well being of the child or adolescent within the family and wider social setting.  Guest speakers are all specialists in the professions of psychology, psychotherapy and child psychiatry.  These lectures are organized and facilitated by Mr Yiannos Theophanous, the Educational Counsellor of The Grammar School, and Mrs Magda Charalambous, the Educational Psychologist of The Grammar Junior School.

In addition, a variety of other informative lectures are organised throughout the year in connection with events and functions held at the school.  The range of topics includes important issues such as road safety, blood donation, civil defence and military service, environmental and health issues.  Visiting speakers from a number of universities also address students on both higher education in general and their specific institutions. See the Calendar for details of these talks.

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