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Results Information

Entrance Examinations Marking Procedures

The results of the Greek and Mathematics papers are equally weighted.  They are added together and averaged to receive a total mark.  The results are then ranked to establish the 96 candidates who qualify for a place.

All Entrance Examination papers are marked on the School premises.  The papers are double-marked by teachers of the relevant departments and the marks are then rechecked when they are transcribed.

Boundary cases are reviewed by the Headmaster and the relevant Heads of Department to ensure accuracy and fairness.  All results are then reviewed by the Examinations Committee.  After this process the results are considered as finalised.


The results of the Entrance Examinations are released on a specified date following the examinations:
  • By SMS to both parents. The message will include the name of the student and the detailed results
Explanation of Results
  • Scholarship (x%) – the student is among the top 10 candidates and obtains a place with the corresponding scholarship percentage and may register
  • Admitted – the student obtains a place and may register
  • Runner-up X  - the student may register in order of merit if there are vacant places
  • Not Admitted – the student has not obtained a place

If there are any unfilled places, runners-up will be informed by telephone on a specified date.

Note - further details of registration procedures will be given to parents on the day of the Entrance Examinations and must be adhered to carefully.

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