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Grammar Summer Club
Friday, 06/05/2022
School Uniform
Monday, 27/09/2021
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Following a nomination by Microsoft, The Grammar School proudly announces that it is now recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2014-2015.  The Grammar School has now joined an exclusive group of schools across the world which successfully integrates technology with teaching and learning to deliver more personalized education to ...

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The main objective of the introductory year of the Fencing Club is to teach the basic skills of Swordplay and competition. Students learn basic movements, strategy, respect for the opponent, a determination to win, but also grace in losing.

Activities of the year include a tournament to determine the Grammar School Fencing Champion of 2014-15.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that members of the Grammar School Fencing Club have been given prizes by KOA and KOE. Notably George Ioannou (2E) has been ranked as the best Cypriot fencer in his category. The teacher in charge, Mr Marios Pavlou, is now Vice-President of the Cyprus Fencing Federation (KO╬×).

In October 2014 the club enlisted new members to complement the pioneer members who have already been in more advanced training programmes. These new members started with the basic training until they too were incorporated into the competitive training schemes, both Epee and Sabre.

The club meets at school on Fridays.

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Pavlou
Assisting Teachers: Mr T. Bowen, Mr H. Christofi


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