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Friday, 06/05/2022
School Uniform
Monday, 27/09/2021
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Following a nomination by Microsoft, The Grammar School proudly announces that it is now recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2014-2015.  The Grammar School has now joined an exclusive group of schools across the world which successfully integrates technology with teaching and learning to deliver more personalized education to ...

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The Student Committee

In order to promote democracy and free speech, students elect individual class committees, responsible for student affairs. The committee liaises with the class sponsor and teachers on behalf of the class. The committee consists of a Class President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and two Members.

This process is a microcosm of the larger democratic system in Class 7 where students are then nominated to run for School President. Candidates conduct campaigns under the guidance of the Headmasters Committee.  During this period, students have the unique opportunity to utilise their skills of persuasion, art of rhetoric, marketing and teamwork. The campaign period culminates with formal speeches from  presidential candidates, focusing on their campaign promises. 

The role of the School President is to become the voice of the student body and to represent the school officially on a number of occasions.  This is a prestigious position which is highly beneficial as it builds character and responsibility.  A further role of the Student President is to preside over the Student Committee which consists of the two Senior Prefects, the Vice President, together with the Class 7 Presidents.

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