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The Founders


The Grammar School was founded in 1963 by the late Ioannis and Iro Gregoriou, following the successful establishment of Cyprus College in 1961 (European University Cyprus as of 2008).  In 1970 The Grammar Junior School was established to ensure the same high standards were embraced at all educational levels. 

The extensive experience Ioannis Gregoriou acquired in education began in 1952.  Over the years he honed his academic vision and expertise, resulting in his unique insight into the requirements of Cypriot students.  This strong foundation, together with his in-depth knowledge of the field of education inspired him to devote his life to developing sound principles of democracy and discipline.  As a result he made a highly significant contribution to raising the standards of education in Cyprus.  Iro Gregoriou worked closely with her husband throughout the years.  She provided her invaluable knowledge both as a teacher and as his assistant in running the school.  After his death in 1984, she worked tirelessly to uphold these principles.  She passed away in 1991 and since then Mr Akis Gregoriou and Mrs Sylvana Eleftheriadou have continued their parents' legacy.

The traditions introduced by our founders remain inspirational and influential in today’s competitive and challenging educational environment and are an integral part of the philosophy of our Schools.

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