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Friday, 06/05/2022
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Monday, 27/09/2021
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Following a nomination by Microsoft, The Grammar School proudly announces that it is now recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2014-2015.  The Grammar School has now joined an exclusive group of schools across the world which successfully integrates technology with teaching and learning to deliver more personalized education to ...

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Educational Counselling Service

The school employs a full-time, accredited Educational Counsellor, experienced and grounded in psychological theory and practice to provide support to students and parents. The Counsellor is a vital part of Grammar School life and works to promote the academic, personal, and social development of the students.

The main role of The Grammar School Educational Counselling Service is to support and counsel students who are going through difficult and challenging circumstances. This confidential service is invaluable to students in times of stress as they can talk in a safe and non-judgemental environment.  The Counsellor consults and collaborates with parents, teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, medical professionals, and social workers to develop and implement strategies to help students succeed.  Personal and emotional difficulties are dealt with in an empathic and confidential way and where necessary, after consultation with parents, in cooperation with the student's class sponsor and teachers.

A series of lectures are arranged annually for parents, in order to help support them in understanding the issues faced by young people today. Specialists in their respective fields are invited to come to the school and speak to students on pertinent topics.

The second role of the Counsellor is as a member of the Higher Education Advisory Team which focuses on helping students to evaluate their abilities, interests, talents and personalities in order to develop realistic academic and career goals. Students are supported in making the correct elective subject choices in Class 3 and Class 5 through counselling sessions and interest and aptitude assessment tests.

In Classes 6 and 7 students begin to prepare for further studies, by focusing on the choices and routes available. Advice and support is offered to all students so that they can make the right decisions for Higher Education. This includes helping students understand the UCAS application procedure for the UK, guidance on choosing the right course and university is a key part of this process. Although the majority of applications are to the UK, some students are also interested in studying in the United States, Europe, Cyprus, or Greece. In order to ensure students make informed choices, the Higher Education Advisory Team arranges a programme of guest speakers who are invited to visit the school to provide students with expert advice on issues related to their higher education and career choices.

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