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Friday, 06/05/2022
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Monday, 27/09/2021
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Following a nomination by Microsoft, The Grammar School proudly announces that it is now recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2014-2015.  The Grammar School has now joined an exclusive group of schools across the world which successfully integrates technology with teaching and learning to deliver more personalized education to ...

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Higher Education Advisory Team

Higher Education Advisory Team

The Higher Education Advisory Team consists of the Deputy Headmistress, Mrs Kam Stylianou, The Educational Counsellor, Mr Yiannos Theophanous and a HE Advisor, Mrs Lorraine Lynch.  It is an innovative team which was established in response to the significant increase in competition for university places after Cyprus’ accession to Europe.  Through the team’s detailed knowledge and experience of admissions procedures, it prepares students for the requirements of the application process in order to maximise their success.

In today’s competitive environment it is essential for students to improve their transferable skills and the team is dedicated to this purpose. Through regular visits to leading UK universities and careers conferences, designed to raise the profile of The Grammar School, the team updates their knowledge of admissions and pinpoints exactly what type of student universities and leading employers are interested in.  In addition through personally visiting universities, the team is able to promote the ethos of the school and the high calibre of our students.

Students are encouraged to develop their skills from Lower School through a series of structured activities which have been developed and incorporated into their daily programme, leading students to understand how to recognise and enhance their abilities. Our objective is to motivate students to optimise their performance.

To build on this further, the team presents careers activities to Class 3 students to prepare them for their elective choices.  Lessons focus on the subjects required for key professions and on research skills, to encourage students to begin thinking about university life and how to reach their goals.  Students are encouraged to think about the subjects they are best suited to and can therefore excel at through specialised online questionnaires, helping them to understand that elective choices are important and more significantly an individual choice.

During the university application process, the Higher Education Advisory Team members are available to assist students with their UCAS applications and guide them on personal statement writing. A range of booklets has been prepared, focusing on how to achieve success when applying for competitive courses such as Medicine, preparing an Oxbridge application, a step by step guide to personal statement writing and how to complete the UCAS form.  The team also advises students on how to make the best choices possible, as it is important that students choose the most appropriate university on an individual basis.  The same service is offered to our graduates when they are completing their military service period.

Furthermore the Higher Education Advisory Team invites a range of universities to give presentations at the school and answer students’ questions, enabling them to make informed choices.  The Team also prepares presentations for parents to explain elective choices for Class 3 and Class 5 and the UCAS application procedure for Class 6 and Class 7.  This progressive team seeks to implement new inspirational ideas to ensure that our students benefit from best practice.

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