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Following a nomination by Microsoft, The Grammar School proudly announces that it is now recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2014-2015.  The Grammar School has now joined an exclusive group of schools across the world which successfully integrates technology with teaching and learning to deliver more personalized education to ...

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George Papaleontiou (GS Graduate 2011)


Christina Tymviou (GS Graduate 2012)

2nd Year BSc Hons Economics, University of Warwick Incoming Summer Intern at an asset management firm in London
Distinctions at University: Warwick Cypriot Society (President); Warwick Economics Department (Student Ambassador and Second Year Mentor); Warwick Finance Society (Marketing Team)

“Being at The Grammar School for 14 years helped me accumulate a wide range of skills to excel in the future. Undeniably, attending an English-speaking school enabled me to become fluent in English; this is a skill that should not be underestimated. Not only does it enable me to articulate my thoughts and communicate effectively in English, but it has given me a ‘competitive advantage’ during my presentations and interviews while at university.  Moreover, through the academic and extra-curricular activities I engaged in at school, I learned the importance of being a good team-player and a responsible leader, to appreciate the cultural diversity around me and above all it boosted my self-confidence.  The school offered me a well-rounded education, a supportive learning environment and a myriad of opportunities to expand my horizons and aim high.

My participation in the school’s annual Cultural Evening for six years was one of the most rewarding experiences while at the school.  I still recall our rehearsals, the group spirit and the anticipation of the shows. Being a soloist during my final years at school was definitely an overwhelming experience. Unless, you are involved in it you cannot realize how wonderful this experience is; lifelong friendships are created and memories are engraved forever. A unique experience, a 3-month ‘journey’ full of music and culture!

The experience and knowledge of the Higher Education Advisory Team helped me make the right decisions for my future. They were really supportive yet careful in every suggestion they made.  Without their advice I might have made the wrong decisions.  What impressed me the most was the way the team liaises with GS graduates to help potential students and facilitate their induction into university. Personally, I found this extremely helpful. Overall, I think that the success of GS graduates especially in recent years is proof of how this team has flourished and does an excellent job in ensuring that all students achieve their potential.

It was an honour and a pleasure to be a student at The Grammar School. For 14 years, it was my second home. All the teachers were inspiring and friendly, and this is ultimately reflected in our performance. I was motivated by their enthusiasm and this urged me to fulfil my potential. I was offered many opportunities to explore the world, participate in numerous extra-curricular programmes and events that were real ‘eye-openers’. I still like to visit the school and every-year see it flourish and set even higher standards of education.”   

Andreas Georgiou (GS Graduate 2009)
3rd Year LLB Law, University of Durham

“The School offered me a truly complete educational experience. I was taught by excellent teachers who challenged me to perform my best. Once I seized the extra-curricular opportunities offered by the school, I also developed important personal skills. My success at Durham University is, to a great extent, attributable to the experiences and skills I brought with me from my years at The Grammar School. I still consider many of my teachers as role-models. Some I even view as family.

The Cultural Evening is a life-changing event. It inspired my passion for music and taught me valuable lessons in team work and time management. Needless to say, I also made some good friends and had a fantastic time during the rehearsals leading up to the event.  Beyond my involvement in the school orchestra, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I also took part in three Model United Nations conferences in Germany, Denmark and Cyprus. Traveling abroad and participating in international conferences is an unforgettable experience. I can also proudly say that Grammar School students were very successful at all of these conferences.

My university applications would have been impossible without the Higher Education Advisory Team’s guidance and help in editing my personal statement and collecting necessary materials. Recently, the Team also helped me with my Masters applications.”

Demetris Hadjiosif (GS Graduate 2008)
LLM Oil & Gas Law, University of Aberdeen
Current employment: Marketing Director of the European Student Energy Summit
Distinctions at University: Dean's List, Green Prize in Law, STAR Award

“Although I must admit that at the time I did not value it as much as I should have, The Grammar School provides students the appropriate environment for them to develop both academically and as individuals. In retrospect I can say that GS gave me the foundations to develop into the person I am today. I would say that my entire GS experience had a catalytic effect on my development. I must say though that Election Week was something special! And I still rely on the feedback and opinions of the Higher Education Advisory Team up to now. That says something!

The basketball team was a great experience at The Grammar School. It gave me a sense of brotherhood and taught me that through teamwork, hard work and perseverance one reaps rewards.

I would sum up my time at The Grammar School as a smart investment!”

Joseph Maltezos (GS Graduate 2008)
1st Class Honours, MEng Civil Engineering, Imperial College London
Current employment: Civil Engineer at Laing O’Rourke
Distinctions at University: Scholarship from Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation, ABS Consulting Prize for Excellence in Dynamic and Earthquake Engineering, Teaching Assistant in Computational Methods

“Attending The Grammar School enabled me to build the foundation of what I am today and has contributed to the way I developed in my academic and professional career to date. During my studies at The Grammar School I learned to discipline myself, target success, and was encouraged to achieve excellence in both my academic and professional career. With the firm foundations of the high level of education built at school, I managed to achieve great success at university and make a difference.  I was inspired by the teachers of the science subjects who motivated me to succeed and try to change the world through my career. Through sports activities organized by the school I built attributes of team work which was essential to my success.
The Grammar School was not just a school for me. It was the start of my academic and professional path. The skills and knowledge I acquired over the seven years at school played a vastly important role in my achievement of excellence at both university and work.”

Marina Pantelidou (GS July 2008)
BSc Economics and Accounting, University of Southampton
Current employment: ACA trainee at Deloitte
Distinctions at University: First student to complete the Southampton Graduate Passport Scheme

“The Grammar School helped me develop a well-rounded personality through all the opportunities it provided me both academically and extra-curricular. By providing me with the opportunity to get involved in the Comenius exchange programme, I had the opportunity to interact with students from other countries from a young age and this was vital for my university experience.

Through my extra-curricular activities I developed my teamwork skills that I have found very useful in my career. During my years at The Grammar School I realized that education is not just about getting high marks in exams but also shaping a personality that will help you progress in life. The Cultural Evening showed me that with hard work you can achieve amazing results and that with help of others you can develop into a better person. You can learn so much both on a cultural and personal level. You appreciate how lucky you were to have had those experiences after you finish school! The memories remain for a lifetime. The Comenius exchange programme showed me that great friendships can be made, irrespective of backgrounds. Also, it gave me the opportunity to visit schools in other countries and realize that Grammar School students stand out from the crowd!

My teachers encouraged me to aim high and to set goals in my life and I was inspired to try hard to achieve them. The Higher Education Advisory team advised me on how to improve my personal statement and also by suggesting universities that would offer the student experience I wanted.

I believe that The Grammar School was the best investment my parents made for me. My school life was full of unique experiences and opportunities that helped me develop and achieve things that I may not otherwise have aspired to. My confidence was enhanced and I was able to aim higher in life.”

Myrto Papakonstantinou (GS Graduate 2011)
Dual Degree in Mathematics (B.S.) and Psychology (B.A.), American University (Washington, DC)
Current employment: Math Tutor at American University’s Mathematics & Statistics Tutoring Lab
Distinctions at University: Frank Cox Jones Scholarship for Women in Mathematics, Fulbright CASP (Cyprus-America Scholarship Program) Scholarship, American University Presidential Scholarship, Honors Program ranking: 1st of all international undergraduates at AU

“Right from the first year, The Grammar School encourages you to strive for your best. It promotes excellence in anything you are involved in, although personal achievement is highlighted and valued most. As a result, I have always been inspired to aim high, perform well academically, but also be involved in fun extracurricular activities. I am happiest when I strike a balance between my academics and social/fun activities. As a result, The Grammar School helped me become a well-rounded person, because it acknowledged my efforts to participate in a variety of clubs, but also recognized my dedication and hard-work. The incredible feedback and support I received from teachers, coupled with a personal sense of contentment from my achievements, strengthened my character. In addition, it is where I met most of my best friends, and many amazing teachers who I keep in touch with and can contact for advice. I treasure the sense of community that my school fostered. I carry the tools and skills I learned from my time at School with me to university. The challenges I faced throughout my seven years only made me stronger and better equipped to handle the intensely competitive environment of higher education.

I really enjoyed my time as a member of the Art Club. I stayed with friends after school on Fridays and we just let our creativities run wild with some paint and blank paper. It was not so much that we created spectacular pieces of art, but that we had a good time, laughed a lot, and de-stressed after a week of classes.  One of my best experiences was being one of the presenters for the Grammar School Talent Show. Endless hours of rehearsal taught us that nothing happens without practice, hard work and teamwork. It was exhausting and amazing at the same time—I loved it!

Finally, through the school I had the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme and completed both the Bronze and Silver Awards. Apart from the activities I took part in like learning the piano, swimming, and volunteer work at a local nursery school, we went on a three-day expedition in a team. The expedition was by far one of the most challenging and trying experiences of my life. Being in the middle of nowhere, walking for hours, and not knowing your bearings does a lot for your patience and motivation. However, we all helped each other out as a team and managed to achieve our goal and complete the expedition. At the end, we felt an unparalleled sense of accomplishment.

The Higher Education Advisory Team was crucial in reducing stress and making the process of university applications as seamless as possible. Even though I applied to universities in the US, I also did my UCAS application. When I was writing the first draft of my personal statement and needed feedback, the Higher Education Advisory Team was only an email away. Further, the significance of starting early on your personal statement was stressed. Those who took the advice benefited from it greatly, as the stress was diminished and they obtained more feedback to strengthen their applications. Fortunately, I was one of them! Additionally, the Team helped me choose the appropriate universities for the course I was interested in. 

My time at the school was inspiring, challenging, fun and memorable! The adjectives could really go on forever. I learned so much and had so many incredible experiences in and out of the classroom. Looking back, I feel a little nostalgic, but I know that everything I was taught is still part of me. To sum up, thank you for the memories!”

Yiannis Zambas (GS Graduate 2010)
1st Class Honours: BA Accounting & Finance, University of Manchester
Co-Founder & Assistant Manager at C.C. Reliable Solutions Ltd
2014 Graduate Audit Position, Deloitte London
Distinctions at University: Dean’s Award of Achievement 2012/2013 for outstanding academic performance, ranked in the top 50 out of 20,000 students

“The Grammar School provided me with the necessary foundations that later shaped me into the individual I am today. Qualities of my personality that I developed throughout my school years include dedication, hard work and appreciation. The latter refers to how, through excellent guidance from the school, I learned to appreciate the vast scope of opportunities education can offer me, whether this be academic or professional. By realizing the endless opportunities that lay ahead, I developed the desire to work hard and dedicate myself to my studies in order to achieve the most out of my education. Through hard work and encouragement from my teachers, I was able to achieve the grades I required and attend one of the UK’s most prominent universities. I carried with me the qualities I built at school and applied them to the more rigorous and demanding environment of higher education. As a result, I excelled throughout my academic studies and I was awarded the Dean’s Award for Achievement.

My Grammar School years will probably be the years when I had the most fun in my life. It’s an excellent school, with outstanding management and staff, who provide the ideal platform for education, development and a lot of fantastic memories. I was then able to propel my studies and professional career higher, but most importantly, I was able to make friendships that will last for a lifetime.

I am not exaggerating when I say that The Grammar School probably has the most capable Higher Education Advisory Teams in Cyprus. Words cannot describe my infinite appreciation to them. Without their guidance I would not be where I am now. I consider the Team to be one of the School’s most important departments. They are the intermediaries between the students and the endless higher education opportunities that lie ahead of them. I applaud their devotion in assisting every student in joining the university he or she desires. The Team has facilitated the transition of thousands of students into higher education and, as most will agree with me, they have done an excellent job. In my own experience, they offered their unconditional assistance through each step of the process. From when I was selecting universities to the nerve-racking day when the A level grades were published. They are one of the main reasons why I revisit the school every year and assist with graduating students who are entering my field.” 

Kyriacos Papakyriacou (GS Graduate 2009)

3rd Year BSc Economics and Mathematics, University of Bristol

“The high level of teaching and the ambitious standards set by my classmates meant that competition amongst us was high. Thus, I had to raise my own performance, discipline, level of awareness and organisation, which later resulted in the desired A level results and a place at one of the UK’s top universities.

The Grammar School’s Cultural Evening was one of the most inspirational events I took part in. It is a highly professional and well organised event, an example of hard work always paying off, as the results were, and continue to be, consistently outstanding. I participated in the school choir for 7 years, the last two as a main soloist giving me the opportunity to extend my engagement in music.

Although perhaps not appreciating it fully at the time, looking back at my school years, it offered an excellent balance of education, recreation and social acquaintances.”

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