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The Entrance Examinations are held during a period of time which is agreed in co-operation with the Ministry of Education and Culture and other private schools in Nicosia.

The results of the Entrance Examinations are released on a specified date following the examinations:

•  On the Internet, via a login system on our website
•  By SMS to both parents. The message will include the name of the student and the detailed results

The Entrance Examinations for Greek speaking children are based on the Greek and Mathematics curriculum taught in Class 5 and 6 of the Greek elementary schools.  Students can prepare by practising past papers which are issued upon registration. Last year’s Entrance Examination paper can be downloaded here.

The Entrance Examinations for English speaking children are based on the English and Mathematics curriculum taught in Class 5 and 6 of English junior schools.  Last year’s Entrance Examination paper can be downloaded here.

In addition, a preparatory course for the Entrance Examinations is offered at The Grammar Institute.  For further information, tel: 22658258.

The School accepts 96 students in 4 classes of Greek-speaking students.  An additional 2 classes transfer from The Grammar Junior School.

It varies from year to year and is very difficult to predict.  Runners-up are ranked and contacted by telephone if there are any places.  Details of this process are given on the Entrance Examinations Day.

There are sometimes limited places available for these classes.  Parents should contact the school to enquire by March.

English Language is taught from the beginning so students are not expected to speak English upon entry to the school.  However, it is advisable that students have had contact with the language before because it will facilitate their progress.  It should be emphasized that learning English vocabulary in the first year is of utmost importance to ensure progress in different subjects.

Homework varies from day to day and the time spent will also depend on the individual.  Homework is recorded daily in a diary so parents can check what is required.  In addition to doing their homework assignments, we advise students to read over the day’s lessons and learn new vocabulary on a daily basis.  If you have a query about the amount of homework set, it is recommended that you contact the teacher.  For further information, see the Study Skills section.

The Grammar School has over 40 afternoon clubs and activities which students can become involved in.  These incorporate a vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and leisure pursuits. This is a very important aspect of a student’s education and development and we actively encourage students to become involved in these activities.  For further information, see the Extra Curricular section.

Students may apply to participate in a range of European activities such as Model United Nations sessions, Europe Youth Day, Young Researchers on Natural Sciences and Euroscola.  For further information regarding our involvement in these programmes, see European Educational Programmes.

The school day begins at 8.15am and finishes at 1.55pm.  There are three breaks: two breaks of 15 minutes and one of 10 minutes.  The day is made up of 8 periods. For further details, see The School Day.

There are approximately 70 merit-based scholarships awarded annually.  These prestigious scholarships are earned by the top 10 ranking students in each year group.  For details, see Scholarships Scheme.

Students are prepared for 8 International GCSE subjects.  There are 3 obligatory subjects: Mathematics, Modern Greek and English (First Language) and 5 elective subjects. See Elective Guidance for further details.

Students take GCE Advanced Level Modern Greek at the end of Class 5.  In Class 6 they have the option of taking a further 3 or 4 Advanced Subsidiary courses.  In Class 7 they may choose to continue with 3 or 4 subjects at GCE A Level.   See Elective Guidance for further details.

Our GCE results consistently illustrate the excellent standard of our students.  Grammar School students win an array of Edexcel High Achiever awards annually both for the Highest Subject Mark in Cyprus and Highest International Mark. Awards are achieved for a variety of subjects.  Further information of our students’ awards can be found in Academic Achievements.

For 2014-2015 examination statistics click here.

If you wish to find out more about The Grammar School and would like to meet the Headmasters, please contact the school to make an appointment.

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