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Following a nomination by Microsoft, The Grammar School proudly announces that it is now recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2014-2015.  The Grammar School has now joined an exclusive group of schools across the world which successfully integrates technology with teaching and learning to deliver more personalized education to ...

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Athletic & Sports Achievements


EuroHockey Championship, Vilnius, Lithuania, July 2015

Congratulations to our student Constantinos Stylianou (6C) who participated in the EuroHockey Championship IV in Vilnius, Lithuania in July with the Cyprus Men’s Hockey team. Although he was the youngest member of our National Team he scored a goal for Cyprus playing against Malta.

Our team beat Finland and drew against Norway, ranking 7th at the end of the tournament.

Fencing Championship

Our student George Ioannou (3B) won 1st Place (Men’s Category) in the Pancyprian Fencing Championship that took place on May 21st, 2016.

Congratulations George.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Our student Pantelia Theodoulou 6C won 1st place in the Pancyprian Rhythmic Gymnastics Competitions that took place in April 2014.  She also participated in the Commonwealth Competitions which took place in Glasgow in July 2014 and won 5th place.

Pantelia is now Number 1 athlete of our Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team.
Congratulations to Pantelia on her wonderful achievements!


1st Small States of Europe Karate Games 

Two of our students took part in the 1st Small States of Europe Karate games held in Luxembourg between 20/09/2014 - 21/09/2014:

Angelos Artemiou 5G: 3rd place U18 kumite -61kg
                            3rd place U18 kumite -55 & -61 kg
                            3rd place U18 team Kumite

Marina Artemiou 3E: 2nd place U14 kumite +47kg
                          2nd place U14 Team kata
                          5th place U14 kata

2014 Pancyprian Karate Championship

Three of our students took part in the 2014 Pancyprian Karate Championship.    

Sophia Kyrou 4C
1st place Kata 
2nd Place Kumite Junior Cadets 


Phoebe Georgia Kalochoritou 5E 
2nd Place Kumite Senior Cadets


Marina Artemiou 3E

2nd Place Kumite Junior Cadets

Congratulations the following students who participated in the Pancyprian Karate Championship in November 2014:

Marina Artemiou 3E Gold Medal (Kumite cadets -54kg)

Angelos Artemiou 5G Bronze Medal (Kumite juniors -68kg)

2014 European Karate Championship

Gold Medals in the 2014 European Karate Championship were won by two of our students:

Marios Constantinou 3H in the U14 Category

Andreas Constantinou 5C in the U17 Category

Congratulations to them both! 



World Karate Championship, UK

Constantinou Marios C. (2D), 2nd place
Ioannou Anna (5G), 3rd place

European Tae Kwon Do (ITF) Championship

Our student Angeliki Vasila (4A), won 3rd place in the European Tae Kwon Do (ITF) Championship which took place from April 7th to 13th, 2014, in Minsk, Belarus. Congratulations Angeliki!

Biathlon and Triathlon World Championships

Mavrommati Charalambos (4E), Youth B, Team Event 3rd place
Yiakoumi Rafael (7D), Youth A, Team Event 3rd place
Nicolaou Paris (3G), Youth C, 5th place
Yiakoumi Rafael (7D), Youth A, 8th place

Pancyprian School Swimming Competitions 2014

Lower School
Dimitriou Alexandra (1B), 2nd place, 200m Individual Medley
Ioannou Despina (1E), 3rd place, 400m Freestyle
Agiomamitou Anastasia (1G), 2nd place, 100m Freestyle
Modestou Alexandros (2C), 1st place 400m, Freestyle
Zotiades George (2E), 1st place 100m, Butterfly
Nicolaou Paris (3G), 3rd place, 200m Butterfly
Upper School
Seraphim Andreas (5A), 2nd place, 400m Freestyle
Lymbouras Andreas (6D), 1st place, 100m Freestyle

Nicosia District and Pancyprian Track and Field Events

Our school won First place in Nicosia and Third place Pancyprian for the Boys Lower School Category.
Nicolaou Andreas (3A), 1st place (Nicosia), 1st place (Pancyprian), 150m
Demetriou Demetris (3E), 1st place (Nicosia), 1st place (Pancyprian), 300m
Panayi Ioannis (3C), 1st place, 300m Hurdles
Voudaskas Michael (3G), 2nd place, 80m
Zaphiris George (3C), 2nd place (Nicosia), 2nd place (Pancyprian), Long Jump
Stylianou Theodoros (4A), 2nd place, 110m Hurdles
Mylonas Charis (3B), 3rd place, 300m Hurdles
Loizidou Marisa (2E), 4th place (Nicosia), 6th place (Pancyprian), Long Jump
Sakkas Constantinos (4G), 4th place, 110m Hurdles
Pafitis Constantinos (3A), 5th place, 110m

Nicosia Private Schools Football Tournament

The Grammar School Football team won 1st Place in the Football Tournament of Private Schools in Nicosia. Congratulations to the students and their coach Mr N Xenofontos. 

Horse Riding – Pancyprian Championship

Elena Katsafadou (5A) and Erik Gregoriou (5A) participated in the Pancyprian Horse Riding Championship organized by the Cyprus Equestrian Federation (CEF).
During the finals which took place on May 2nd and 3rd, 2014, Elena won 1st place of the day and 1st place overall in Category D and 2nd place of the day and 3rd place overall in Category C, in the Show jumping Competition. Elena also won 2nd place in the Juniors Category in the Pancyprian Dressage Championship Finals which took place on May 17th and 18th, 2014.
Erik won 1st place of the day and 1st place overall in Category A and 1st place of the day and 2nd place overall in Category B in the Show jumping Competition.
Congratulations to both our athletes for their excellent results.


Successes in Luxembourg

Congratulations!  We are very proud to announce that Artemis Panteli (3G) has won the Gold Medal in the ‘Final Air Rifle Women’s Category’ and Thomas Tsiopanis (2012 graduate) has earned a Bronze Medal in the Final of the Men’s 200m Medley at the 15th Games of the Small States of Europe in Luxembourg.

European Karate Championship

Our student Anna Ioannou (4G) participated in the 16th WIKF European Championship which took place on September 28th 2012 in Eretria, Greece. Anna competed in the 14-15 age group, under 54kg and had the following impressive results: Kumite – 1st place, Team Kumite – 3rd place and Kata – 5th place. Congratulations Anna!

In addition, Angeliki Vasila (3G) won 1st place in the same championship.


Achilleas Aloupas (6C) is a member of the Cyprus National Fencing Team. Achilleas was voted by the Cyprus Olympic Committee as best Junior Fencing Athlete.

Cyprus Karate Championship January 2013

Marina Artemiou (1G) and Sofia Kyrou (2D) won gold medals in the Karate Championship. Congratulations!

Pancyprian Judo Championship March 2013

Stavrina Vasiliou (4C), 57kg 1st place and 52kg, 2nd place.

Pancyprian Badminton Tournament

Neophytou Stavros (3D), 1st place
Neophytou Marios (2G), 2nd place

Table Tennis – Pancyprian Student Tournament 2013

Sophia Koni (3A) – 2nd place

Pancyprian Rhythmic Gymnastics

Theodoulou Pantelia (4C), 2nd place

Pancyprian School Swimming Competitions 2013

Lower School

Avraam Andreas (3D), 200m Individual Medley, 1st place
Oxynos Kyriacos (3C), 100m Freestyle, 2nd place
Zotiades George (1E), 100m Butterfly, 3rd place
Modestou Alexandros (1C), 400m Freestyle, 3rd place

Upper School

Lymbouras Andreas (5D), 200m Freestyle, 2nd place
Seraphim Andreas (4A), 400m Freestyle, 3rd place
Yiakoumi Rafael (6D), 200 Individual Medley, 3rd place

Pancyprian Biathlon Competitions – December 2012

The Grammar School PE Department Annual Biathlon Event took place at Lakatamia Swimming Pool, December 2012. The Grammar School Nicosia came 2nd overall. Congratulations to all participating students.

Boys Youth A

Yiakoumi Rafael (6D), 1st place

Boys Youth D

Zotiades George (1E), 1st place
Modestou Alexandros (1C), 2nd place

Grammar School Pancyprian Pentathlon - October 2012

The Grammar School PE Department in cooperation with the Cyprus Modern Pentathlon Federation organized the Annual Pentathlon Event at KOT Larnaca in October 2012. Our school came 3rd overall. Congratulations to all students who participated.

Boys Youth A

Yiakoumi Rafael (6D), 1st place

Boys Youth D

Zotiades George (1E), 1st place
Modestou Alexandros (1C), 2nd place

Special Awards

The Grammar School PE Department gave a special award to the Girls and Boys Futsal teams for their participation and excellent results in School Futsal Tournaments.

Our student Erik Gregoriou (4A) was also given a special award for his overall contribution to school sports. Erik is a member of the Grammar School Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country and Biathlon teams with excellent results.

Congratulations to all our athletes!

Table Tennis

Our student Sophia Koni (2E) was selected by the European Table Tennis Association to participate in the Eurokids Selection Camp which took place on October 11th -17th in Gdansk-Sopot, Poland.

Participants had the opportunity to engage in training activities as well as watch matches of the European Championships.

This was a great honour as Sophia is the only Cypriot girl ever to be selected to attend a Selection Camp.

Table Tennis – Pancyprian Student Competition

Sophia Koni (2E) - 1st Place
Soteris Andreou (3G) – 3rd Place

Pancyprian Basketball Championship

Our Basketball Boys Lower Team came 2nd in the Pancyprian Basketball Championship. Congratulations to our young basketball players and their coaches Mr K. Pelekanos and Miss N. Kouzi.

Pancyprian Tae Kwon Do Championship

Michalis Christou (3D) won 1st place (Boys under 68kg) in the Pancyprian Tae Kwon Do Championship which took place on March 3rd, 2012. 

School Swimming Competitions 2012

Nicosia, Larnaca, Famagusta District Swimming Competitions

1st Place
Avraam Andreas (2B), 200m, Individual Medley
Seraphim Andreas (3A), 400m, Freestyle
Lymbouras Andreas (4D), 100m, Freestyle

2nd Place
Demetriou Rafael (5E), 200m, Breaststroke 
Avraam Constantinos (6C), 200m, Butterfly

3rd Place
Nicolaou Paris (1E), 400m, Freestyle
Oxynos Kyriacos (2G), 200m, Freestyle
Yiakoumi Rafael (5D), 200m Breaststroke

Pancyprian Swimming Competitions 2012

1st Place
Seraphim Andreas (3A), 400m, Freestyle

2nd Place
Avraam Andreas (2B), 200m, Individual Medley
Lymbouras Andreas (4D), 100m, Freestyle

3rd Place
Avraam Constantinos (6C), 200m, Butterfly

Pancyprian School Biathlon Competitions – December 2011
(Organised by the Cyprus Modern Pentathlon Biathlon Federation in cooperation with The Grammar School Nicosia)

Youth A
Avraam Constantinos (6C), 3rd place
Christou Demos (7B), 5th place
Sofocleous Angelos (6D), 6th place
Costatos Aristodemos (6B), 7th place

Youth B
Yiakoumi Rafael (5D), 3rd place

Youth C
Oxynos Kyriakos (2G), 4th place
Gregoriou Erik (3E), 6th place
Kovacevic Louie (2G), 10th place
Grzeczinski Andreas (2G), 11th place

Youth D
Nicolaou Paris (1E), 2nd place
Kyprianou Solonas (1E), 5th place

Pancyprian Track and Field

Seraphim Nicolas (3G), 2nd place

Balkan Karate Championship

Constantinou Andreas (2B), 1st place
Anastasiou Anastasios (2B), 3rd place
Artemiou Angelos (2G), 3rd place
Kyrou Sofia (1D), 3rd place
Zenios Sotia (5C), 5th place

Pancyprian Rhythmic Gymnastics

Theodoulou Pantelia (3A), 2nd place 

Pancyprian Badminton Championship

Neophytou Stavros (2E), 1st place


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